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Due to the COVID19 pandemic all sessions will be held on a virtual platform to maintain social distancing and a safe environment.

Jennifer Iannuzzi, MSW, LCSW


I provide individual online therapy to those who are ready to change their lives. You don’t have to suffer – I’m here to help.

My approach to treatment is a combination of short-term solution focused psychotherapy with a cognitive behavioral approach. We will also incorporate life coaching techniques with the goal being self-empowerment. The best way to gain control of your out of control life is to focus on the strengths you already have. We’ll fine tune your weaknesses so that you can find the inner peace and happiness you need to help you grow and thrive.


A Support Group for Special Needs Caregivers

As a parent of a child with special needs, I understand the emotional toll it can take to be the caregiver of someone with special needs. I know the unique stress and relationship dynamics that develop in those circumstances and can provide insight, therapeutic support, and the tools so you can not only survive, but thrive. With the support of the group we will learn how to find that balance between caring for your loved one and caring for yourself.

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Therapy for Depression

Living with depression can feel overwhelming at times. It can make even the most simple tasks of everyday life feel challenging. Depression can look like feeling sad, not enjoying the things you used to, feeling tired, change in sleep patterns, increased or decreased appetite, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating, and more. You may not even realize that you are suffering from depression, but notice that you’ve been feeling “off” lately.

Working with a mental health expert in a therapeutic relationship provides you with a safe environment to identify the thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior that are contributing to your symptoms. Counseling can also help you learn new coping skills and techniques to better manage the symptoms and feel better.




Managing Stress & Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious and under stress from time-to-time. Situations such as meeting tight deadlines, important social obligations, or driving in heavy traffic often bring about anxious feelings. Such mild anxiety may help make you alert and focused on facing threatening or challenging circumstances. On the other hand, anxiety disorders cause severe distress over a period of time and disrupt the lives of individuals suffering from them. The frequency and intensity of anxiety involved in these disorders is often debilitating. But fortunately, with proper and effective treatment, people suffering from anxiety disorders can lead normal lives.

Therapy teaches you how to handle stress and anxiety. Although you can’t (and shouldn’t) completely eliminate them from your life, you’ll gain the skills to notice when you’re starting to feel anxious before it gets unmanageable.




Job Loss and Unemployment Stress

Whether you’ve been laid off, downsized, forced to take early retirement, or seen contract work dry up, losing your employment is one of life’s most stressful experiences. Aside from the obvious financial anguish it can cause, the stress of losing a job can also take a heavy toll on your mood, relationships, and overall mental and emotional health. But no matter how bleak things seem right now, there is hope

Our jobs are often more than just the way we make a living. They influence how we see ourselves, as well as the way others see us. Suddenly finding yourself out of work can leave you feeling hurt, angry, or depressed. You might be questioning your identity, grieving all that you’ve lost, or feeling anxious about what the future holds.

I know the stress and worry can feel overwhelming.With time and the right coping techniques, you can come to terms with these setbacks, ease your stress and anxiety, and move on with your working life. I’m here for you – I can help you take control of the situation, maintain your spirits, and find a renewed sense of purpose.




Dealing with a Breakup or Divorce

A breakup or divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences in life. Whatever the reason for the split, the breakup of a relationship can turn your world upside down and trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling emotions.

Even when a relationship is no longer serving you, a divorce or breakup can be extremely painful because it represents the loss, not just of the partnership, but also of the dreams and commitments you shared. A divorce launches you into uncharted territory. Everything is disrupted: your routine and responsibilities, your home, your relationships with extended family and friends, and even your identity. A breakup also brings uncertainty about the future. What will life be like without your partner? Will you find someone else? Will you end up alone? These unknowns can often seem worse than being in an unhappy relationship.

This pain, disruption, and uncertainty means that recovering from a breakup or divorce can be difficult and take time. However, it’s important to keep reminding yourself that you can and will get through this difficult experience. I can help you navigate this new chapter of your life and move on with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.




Coping with Illness or a Serious Health Event

A serious health problem can disrupt all aspects of your life, whether it’s a chronic or life-threatening illness, such as cancer, or a major health event such as a stroke, heart attack, or debilitating injury. These physical health issues can greatly affect your emotional health and everyday life.

Many serious health problems seem to develop unexpectedly, upsetting your life out of the blue. You may feel overwhelmed by waves of difficult emotions—from fear and worry to profound sadness, despair, and grief. Or maybe you feel numb, frozen by shock, or that you’ll never be able to cope. The emotional upheaval can make it difficult to function or think straight, and even lead to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

But whatever your diagnosis, illness, or injury, it’s important to know that you are not powerless. I can help you cope with your new situation, ease the stress and mental anguish that often accompany serious illness, and find a way to navigate this challenging new journey.




Caregiver Stress and Burnout

The demands of caregiving can be exhausting and overwhelming. While caring for a loved one can be very rewarding, it also involves many stressors. And since caregiving is often a long-term challenge, the emotional impact can grow over time. You may face years or even decades of caregiving responsibilities. It can be particularly disheartening if you feel that you’re in over your head, if there’s no hope that your family member will get better, or if, despite your best efforts, their condition is gradually deteriorating.

If the stress of caregiving is left unchecked, it can take a toll on your health, relationships, and state of mind. It can eventually lead to burnout and a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. And when you get to that point, both you and the person you’re caring for suffer.

That’s why taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Cultivating your own emotional and physical well-being is just as important as making sure your family member gets to their doctor’s appointment or takes their medication on time. 

Learning to recognize the signs of caregiver stress and burnout is important, so you can take immediate action to prevent things from becoming worse and start improving the situation for both you and the person you’re caring for. I can help you rein in stress and regain a sense of balance, joy, and hope in your life.




Support for Special Needs

As a parent of a child with special needs, I understand the emotional toll it can take to be the caregiver of someone with special needs. I know the unique stress and relationship dynamics that develop in those circumstances and can provide insight, therapeutic support, and the tools so you can not only survive, but thrive.

Using a combination of life coaching – to help you organize your life, and psychotherapy – to help you process all of the emotions you are experiencing, I will help you tackle everything that is standing in your way so you can heal and move forward in your life. You’ll learn how to find that balance between caring for your loved one and caring for yourself. I know it’s not always easy to prioritize your own needs, but when you learn to let go of that shame and guilt, you’ll not only improve your own life, but that of the people around you.

You have the potential to live a rewarding life filled with peace and joy. Living special needs is not easy, but together we can figure out how you can do it with a renewed sense of hope.

You Can Empower Yourself & Heal

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